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Bringing public offerings to all investors

ClearingBid allows millions of investors and their brokers unprecedented access to new security issues of all types through
Equal Opportunity Investing™

The Difference


Once individuals sign up and link a brokerage account to the ClearingBid application, a list of securities being redied for public offering becomes available. After completing proper diligence and research, investors are able to enter their order request through their broker of choice. Orders are authenticated and aggregated via the auctioned-based rules engine, with all bona fide orders recognized in real time.

The Beginning

An issuer works with ClearingBid and requests the inclusion of a new security issuance on the platform.

The Offering

The issuer works with an underwriter to draft and file the prospectus while determining the type and quantity of security to be publicly offered.

The Marketing

 Users access new security offerings through the ClearingBid application. Order requests can be submitted through the brokers of choice while tracking market demand and pricing.

The Pricing

Upon final pricing, investor allocations are determined. After closing, the issuer receives the proceeds and brokers earn commissions.

The Process